Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


Children's Hope

for Single Mothers

Children’s Hope is a Christ-centered healing community for hurting single moms and their children.

Our mission is to inspire Christ-like change through authentic relationships in a community context with Biblical truth and grace.

Hope for children - hope for moms!

Child’s Hope

Children desire the opportunity to be raised by at least one of their parents in a stable, safe and loving environment. When mistakes are made, hope for forgiveness and mercy is blended with chances to have fun activities. Each child will experience the opportunity to share the idea of hope in a restored family.

Mother's Hope

Moms who come to Children's Hope need someone to show them a way to keep their children with them and to show them ways of providing a loving and stable home. They want to believe they can become what their children need them to be. Their hope is that someone will help them get back on the road to being a family again.

Our Hope

We believe in the sanctity of the family and desire to keep children with their mother while helping her to become a better parent. We assist her in parenting skills, money management, employment, as well as relationships while living in a Christian environment.

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Your gifts help provide hope and homes for children.